January 26, 2018

Laser system mlas|compact-1 with even more performance. Marbach Automation & Service.

Under the name Marbach Automation & Service, Marbach supplies cutting-die manufacturers with machines and equipment. Now Marbach has upgraded its laser system mlas|compact-1 with an additional option, a so-called scanning head. The prototype of this system has been supporting Marbach's own production facility in Heilbronn since 2017. With great success. This is why Marbach is now offering this unique option to its customers. For even more performance in their production.

Marbach understands the scanning head option of the laser system mlas|compact-1 as an engraving function for effective and machine-friendly marking of dieboards, which requires considerably less time per job and achieves excellent engraving results. 

Marbach Sales Manager Samuel Vial: "There are many systems on the market that are similar to ours. However, they are unable to provide the same results. Our scanning head is unique. Because the Marbach scanning head works with on-the-fly technology and has also special software that compensates for the unevenness of dieboards thus ensuring maximum engraving accuracy ".

With the on-the-fly technology, all four axes of the laser system move simultaneously during scanning-head engraving. This means that the scanner is moved with maximum acceleration during the entire engraving process and can therefore run the program without downtimes. This not only ensures the highest engraving speeds, but also uninterrupted and smooth engraving results with constant line-width. And all this across the entire processing area.  

Marbach Head of Development Karsten Kosyra: "The heart of the Marbach scan head is the new software that controls it. In practice, it is often the case that the dieboard of a cutting-die is uneven. In such cases, conventional systems produce considerable deviations in the scan result. Not so with the Marbach scan head. Our sensor technology recognizes the topography of the workpiece and calculates these into the scan process. This has the advantage that even substantial unevenness is compensated for, so that precise engraving is achieved at every position."

The time advantage is enormous especially those dies with many engravings (inscriptions): The Marbach system is more than 10 times faster than conventional engraving with the laser cutting head.

With the new Marbach laser, users therefore not only achieve excellent engraving quality but also save valuable production time, so that they have more laser capacity per day. For best performance and quick amortization of the additional scanhead option.

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