February 8, 2018

“Excellence in Production" competition: "Toolmaker of the year 2017 ". Out of a total of 300 participants, Marbach took 5th place in its category and 18th place in the overall ranking.

Marbach Werkzeugbau took fifth place in the "Excellence in Production" competition 2017 in the category "External Toolmaking over 50 employees" and 18th place in the overall ranking. This competition, which was hosted by the organizer's association of the Aachen Machine Tool Laboratory (WZL), the Aachen Technical University (RWTH) and the Frauenhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT), has long been established in the tool and mould- making world.

The toolmaker of the year 2017 was chosen from almost 300 participants. These were divided into four categories according to the size of the company. Marbach competed in the category: "External Toolmaking over 50 employees". Already in 2005 Marbach Werkzeugbau had participated in this competition and was represented in the final round. 

Lars Schwarzmannseder, plant manager at Marbach Werkzeugbau: "The two-stage evaluation process began in November 2016 with Phase 1, in which the companies were evaluated in the overall benchmark using comprehensive questionnaires. This was followed by Phase 2 with on-site audits." After the jury meeting in September 2017, the reports together with the strengths and weaknesses profiles were sent to the companies. The colloquium and award ceremony took place at the end of November.   

In the competition, the companies were closely examined and had to explain their processes. The weighted evaluation criteria used are composed of the factors processes, resources, organization, strategy and leadership (phase 1) as well as financial, customer and product-related results (phase 2). 

Schwarzmannseder explains: "They looked very closely at the available resources and processes, because these are the things that bring speed to a company. And thus success. In Phase 2, only those who had succeeded in this first selection process were given the opportunity to have  a comprehensive company audit carried out on their own premises. We made it into the second phase and were thankful for the feedback and fruitful discussions with the organizers' team of scientists."

Above all, Marbach Werkzeugbau was able to score highly in the areas of organization, range of services, vision and strategy as well as in processes. Overall it performed above average. Schwarzmannseder: "The results clearly show that we are in the forefront of our field. It is important to point out that we are organizationally well prepared and that we have a concrete vision and strategy and that the vertical integration of our manufacturing is extraordinarily high." In the field of construction agile methods also bring significant success. Both are reflected in Marbach's high quality and range of services.

Schwarzmannseder continues: "Our conclusion: Those who measure themselves know where they stand and Marbach plays in the forefront! Nevertheless, we will use the results as a basis for becoming even better. And thus offering our customers the best performance."

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