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die-cutting technology
4. January 2022

Economy meets ecology. Marbach greenplate. More up-to-date than ever.

In 2009, Marbach launched its first ecological dieboard on the market under the name "Marbach greenplate". The idea behind the development of this dieboard is more up-to-date today than ever before.

The main material for a cutting-die is a dieboard made of birch wood. In 2009, the raw material birch became very scarce. At that time, this shortage led to decreasing supply security – because without sufficient birch material, there could be no cutting-dies. As a solution, Marbach then developed its new, ecologically sustainable dieboard: The Marbach greenplate.

Marbach Sales Manager Jan Brunner: "Today, this topic is more up-to-date than ever. Because, at the moment there are again supply shortages for various raw materials. Fortunately, we took preventive measures in time and have stocked up with the most important raw materials for cutting-dies. This will ensure supply security for our customers. But, with products like our greenplate, we are providing even more supply security." 

And why is that? The Marbach greenplate dieboard consists to 30% of the primary raw material birch, 70% of the board is made of environmentally friendly secondary material from ecologically sustainable forests. The innovative structure of the Marbach greenplate increases wood utilization and ensures that significantly less birch wood needs to be used than with conventional cutting-dies. This means 3 times as many tools can be produced from the same amount of birch material. In addition, the greenplate saves CO2 emissions during transport thanks to the special material selection, and thus saves important resources and protects the environment. 

Brunner continues, "But another important factor for our customers, in addition to the security of supply and the environmental component, are the technical advantages of this dieboard material. This is because the greenplate offers the user numerous technical advantages in packaging production. The plate's excellent flatness, high compressive strength and high dimensional stability ensure short set-up times, high machine speeds and excellent storage durability."

With greenplate, ecology meets economy: an innovation that is more up-to-date than ever and which has been used successfully by numerous Marbach customers – since its market launch more than 12 years ago.


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