die-cutting technology
9. March 2020

Dimensional stable dieboards from Marbach. As individual as the requirements of the customers.

Marbach uses numerous dieboards for its cutting-dies. Depending on the requirements of the order, suitable dieboard material is selected in coordination with the customer. For high demands on the dimensional stability and service life of a tool, the Marbach portfolio includes various dimensionally stable dieboards.

The dieboard forms the basis of a cutting-die. First of all, the contours of the packaging layouts are inserted into it, then knives, scorers and perforations are mounted and finally suitable rubbering is applied. 

Marbach Sales Manager Bernhard Reisser: "Depending on requirements dieboards are made of different materials. For standard requirements wooden dieboards such as multiplex or the Marbach greenplate are available. For higher requirements we recommend dimensionally stable dieboards. These are characterized by their durability and precision during die-cutting. Due to the choice of material and their structure, they are designed to remain dimensionally stable even under hygroscopic and strong climatic influences."

Dieboard Marbach solidplate

The Marbach solidplate is the entry-level model in the class of dimensionally stable dieboards. The solidplate is based on two steel plates which are mounted on a Marbach greenplate core. Due to the steel surface, this design - besides the dimensional stability - allows a quick and easy rubber change. Repeated reknifing is possible.

Dieboard duramar

The duramar dieboard combines glass-fibre strengthened plastic with steel plates. Depending on the combination of these elements, different versions of the duramar dieboard are possible: eco, plus and performance. The duramar dieboards are not hygroscopic. They are characterized by their high dimensional stability and extremely long service life. They can be re-sized frequently and have an immense fitting accuracy, even with large machine formats.

Dieboard aluminium

The aluminium dieboard is used for very special requirements. Since it is not only stable, but also possesses high thermal conductivity. This makes it ideally suited as a heatable dieboard. Above all for die-cutting plastic, but also for jobs where hygiene regulations have to be met. 

Reisser continues: "Our dimensionally stable dieboards are as individual as the needs of our customers. Depending on the layout, run size and packaging requirements, we work together with our customers to select the right dieboard for optimum die-cutting results and maximum performance in the production of the packaging."

Thus, Marbach customers can always be sure that they have the perfectly fitting tool for their requirements in use.

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