14. December 2018

Embossing register system for embossing-dies. Marbach customer A&R is pleased about reduced set-up time.

Marbach recently presented its new embossing register system for embossing-dies under the name PES IV. One customer who has been successfully using this system for several months now is A&R Carton in Kriftel, Germany.

The responsible department heads at A&R report: "In the past, we often had problems setting up embossings to the printed image. This process took a very long time. In addition, precise make-ready was very difficult. We spoke with our cutting-die supplier Marbach about the need to reduce make-ready times and yet still achieve optimum fitting accuracy.

At Marbach, the development department went to work and developed a solution. Marbach designed a system with which the embossing can be quickly and easily adjusted to the print image.

A&R continues: "The PES IV is not only easy to handle, but the set-up is much faster and more accurate than with our conventional method. This saves us a lot of make-ready time and allows us to begin producing our packaging much faster. Our thanks to Marbach for making production easier and increasing productivity."

With Marbach's embossing register system IV, the embossings are optimally aligned to the printed image by using special register pins.

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