March 5, 2018

Solution for best machine performance. Digital zone levelling by Marbach – now also available for corrugated board.

Marbach presented its digital zone levelling technology in 2016. Almost 200 die-cutting machines have already been equipped with such a modified cover plate for the make-ready sheet since the market launch.

There is now also a version of this innovation for corrugated board. Up to now Marbach could only offer its new development for smaller die-cutting formats, as are used in the folding box industry. But as of now, digital zone levelling is now under the name DZL|foil also available for bigger die-cutting machines starting with the 162 format, since these are used for die-cutting corrugated board. 

Adapted technology
The conventional solution for machines with smaller formats, means that the cover plate for the make-ready sheet is simply replaced by the digital zone levelling plate. But this is not possible for large-sized corrugated board machines. This is because the cover plate is not loose, but fixed to the machine and cannot therefore simply be replaced. That’s why Marbach has adapted its development for machine features of large-sized corrugated board machines. 

Marbach developer Ingo Graham: “Digital zone levelling for the area of corrugated board looks slightly different from the conventional solution. But the advantages are the same as digital zone levelling for smaller die-cutting machines.”

No order-related area patching
Without using digital zone levelling, it is necessary to fill up worn-out areas with make-ready paper during the patch-up of a job. This has to be done for every single job. With digital zone levelling the process is significantly more efficient. The zone make-ready does not need to be done for every order but only once and it will last for several months. A considerable time-reduction for the operator. 

Functionality of digital zone levelling
Graham: “The huge advantage for our customers is that they can make an impression of their machine quickly and simply with a standardized process.”

With this impression, Marbach produces the zone levelling. The operator gets this, puts it into the die-cutting machine and can immediately start with the production. As the zone levelling levels out wear-related deviations, there is no need for area patching for every single tool. And the performance of the packaging production increases. 

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