June 4, 2018

Reduced make-ready time. With digital zone levelling from Marbach.

In 2016 Marbach launched its digital zone levelling DZL|plate. Since the application range of the DZL|plate had been limited to small-format machines for processing paperboard, Marbach recently added the DZL|foil to its portfolio. This has been designed for large-format corrugated board die-cutting machines. Customers using digital zone levelling are excited about this simple but efficient solution which reduces make-ready time.

Without the use of digital zone levelling when setting up an order, it is necessary among other things, to fill out the die-cutting platen’s worn zones with make-ready paper. This is required for each individual order. This was the standard. With digital zone levelling, the standard has changed. Because an individual impression is made for each production machine. On the basis of this, the height profile of the respective machine is transferred to a vetronite plate or foil. The technology used will depend on the format size of the die-cutter. The medium with the created height profile is then inserted into the die-cutting machine. As a result, area make-ready no longer has to be carried out on each order, but only once, and it will then last for several months. A significant time saving for the operator.

Marbach application engineer Ingo Graham: "Our customers who use digital zone levelling are thrilled. You no longer need to spend time on area make-ready, but need only to equip your machine once with digital zone levelling. This saves a considerable amount of make-ready time on each individual job. The resulting costs of the digital zone levelling are paid off after a short time. To visualize this, we have a calculator on our homepage that shows how quickly the use of digital zone levelling pays off."

Many Marbach customers who have tested the product have now equipped all their machinery with digital zone levelling.